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Rustoleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint - and more reviews

Posted by Charles Budd on Sunday, June 7, 2015,
Some of you may know that I'm one of the reviewers on the Painting and Decorating Product Reviews website. It's a relatively new site but already proving popular and reviews are now coming in thick and fast. 

Over the next few weeks the team of professional decorators who do the reviews will be adding new products to review, as well as lending their experienced eye to review products already on the site. 

The plan is to provide both professional decorators and DIY decorators alike with a comple...
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If paint brushes were cars... or 'how to choose a paint brush'.

Posted by Charles Budd on Wednesday, September 18, 2013,

Choosing the right paint brush for a decorating job can affect the quality of the finish, how easy it is to apply the paint, as well as how quickly you can get the job done. It's a bit like choosing a car - there's no one vehicle that's perfect for every job, so how do you choose what's best for you?

Firstly - do you REALLY like using a crap brush?

If you enjoy picking bristles out of your paint every two minutes, or dipping your brush for every 3 inches of painting, or struggling to paint a cr...

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Undoing the previous decorator's job

Posted by Charles Budd on Saturday, March 2, 2013,
When starting a new decorating job we first mask and cover surfaces we're not decorating, then get on with the preparation work. There will almost always be cracks and dents to be filled, old paint to be sanded... but what often frustrates us is having to undo the previous decorator's job! One of our maxims is 'do the job well, and it'll be a lot easier to decorate next time'. So why, oh why do some decorators do things like this: 

Yes, they had filled ONTO the switch with caulk, and then pai...

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